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The Benefits Of E Cigs Over Traditional Cigarettes

One of the worst habits that you can have, one that can actually be life-threatening at some point in time, is smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. The Surgeon General has warned for decades on the ill effects of cigarettes, and how they can lead to lung cancer, skin cancer, and a variety of other maladies. The difficulty with quitting smoking lies in the addictive nature of nicotine itself. This chemical interacts with the body, motivating you to continue smoking, regardless of how bad it is for your body. In the last few years, a new product has come on the market called e cigs. Electronic cigarettes essentially provide the user with the same amount of nicotine that is found in regular cigarettes, and also allows them to feel as if they are smoking by mimicking the appearance of cigarettes today. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones, and why you might want to switch to these safer nicotine delivery systems.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are devices that are designed to vaporized liquid nicotine, and allow you to inhale it just as you would with a regular cigarette. There are a couple different components to these devices including an atomizer, a battery, a charger, and a device which allows you to plug it in either into your wall socket or a USB port on your computer. Charging takes about a couple hours, and once this is done, you will be able to get about 100 puffs on your ecig. The amount of nicotine that you receive with each puff, as well is the flavor of the liquid nicotine, can vary quite a bit. You can actually get flavors that mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes. You can also get many other flavors including vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and other flavors that are simply not available with regular cigarettes today.

Why Ecigs Can Help You Stop Smoking

Although many people will switch to electronic cigarettes cause the cost, some people actually do this in order to stop smoking. In most cases, the same amount of nicotine is delivered each time that you inhale when compared to a regular cigarette. However, e cigarettes also have diminishing amounts of nicotine, going all the way down to zero. What many people do is start with the full amount of nicotine, and gradually purchase refill packs that have lesser amounts. By doing this, they are able to end their dependence on nicotine by slowly weaning themselves of this addictive substance. If they still like smoking, or the feel of it, they are able to continue to do so using the cartridges that have zero nicotine levels.

Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

There are quite a variety of ecigs available on the market today. These will include Apollo, Volcano and many others. In regard to the popularity of electronic cigarettes that are purchased by people today for their overall taste and nicotine delivery, the most popular ones include V2 and Halo. By trying out these different brands, you can find one that mimics the cigarette that you were smoking right now, allowing you to gradually move toward stopping smoking altogether.

Although there are many different ways to stop smoking, including chewing nicotine gum, or simply stopping cold turkey, one of the easiest ways available today to quickly and easily reduce your cravings for nicotine, and avoid the hazardous effects of traditional cigarettes, is to start using e cigs today.